Volunteering for the Cause

Simply click on this link --> Volunteer and send a message to our high-tech headquarters centered in a server somewhere in cyberspace. We'll need your name, and how we can get ahold of you. Also include a few words regarding what you would like to do for the cause. Below are few examples, but we're always learning so don't be shy with your ideas.

You could sit at a table or walk your neighborhood to collect signatures. You could come to a meeting to give advise or identify good and solid targets for our petitioner teams. You could participate in our petitioner teams and storm neighborhoods and apartment complexes, leaving before anyone gets caught (liberating signatures for use by the people). You could sit at home and make phone calls or enter data.

OR,... _______________________ (FILL IN THE BLANK)

Spreading the Word

This is the easiest and fastest way to get involved. Simply study the web-site to become familiar with the arguements both for and (if you must) against this effort. Then copy the URL www.fairelect.org and send it to anyone that you think might be interested, be they across the street or crouched in a tent on the slopes of K-2. This is our best way to get our message out and gain support.

Donating to the Cause
(Unfortunately we can't take donations until we file our initiative)

A Donation to Tucson FairElect goes a long way toward helping us reach our goals. Since this is a volunteer effort we run this organization on the printed word, food, water and sun screen. The expenses do mount up, though, and since there is a State of Arizona law that caps the amount that anyone can give to any petition drive we need outside monitary support. Unfortunately, the weight of a good idea is simply not enough. Any one contributor is limited to a $370 donation. Any donation, though, goes a long way toward our daunting and often considered insane goal of gaining 11,615+ signatures before the July 2007 deadline to get on the November 2007 ballot.

So, Volunteer if you can, but if your support can come to us in a cash donation we truely can use it.

Please email us your Name, Full Address, your Phone and yourEmail Address.

Click here to send the information.

Jim Sinex -- Chairman, Tucson FairElect